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Hire the Right Company for Your Business Virtual Tour

In this age where an effective online presence is mandatory, businesses are looking at all kinds of ways to enhance their digital footprint. Getting users’ limited attention in this content-driven world can be very tricky— but a good virtual tour is an effective way to solve this problem. If you’re looking for a company that can create the perfect virtual tour for you, here’s what you need to know:

What is a virtual tour?

Virtual tours allow users to get an in-depth look at your business’ location — allowing them to experience the uniqueness of each area from the comfort of their homes. Between a brand that has a few photos and videos on its website and one that has a completely immersive virtual tour experience, there are no prizes for guessing which one customers will go for. A good virtual tour for business doesn’t just help you get more eyeballs and conversions — users will also share snapshots of the tour on their social media, which also gets you great word-of-mouth publicity.

Types of businesses that need virtual tours

Any business where the location and property is an advantage will benefit from having a virtual tour on their website. Some types of companies that greatly benefit from having virtual tours for business include:

Hotels and resorts

One of the most important features of any hotel or resort is the location and the property — the rooms, the views, the greenery, and so on. A good virtual tour immediately attracts prospective customers and invites them to book online well in advance.

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Since physical campus tours take so much time and money, most applicants are only able to tour a few, select campuses. But the look and feel of the campus is a very important part of a college experience. By using virtual college campus tours, Universities can give students an immersive in-depth experience of what it’s like to be on the campus — from the comfort of their homes. This really helps with applications and enrollments.

Golf courses

Many golfers plan entire vacations around the golf course. Having a great virtual tour allows them to see everything your course has to offer, prompting them to make bookings well in advance.

How to choose a virtual tour company

There are some basic things you need to keep in mind when trying to decide which virtual tour company to choose:

Does the company design Google 360 virtual tours?

The best virtual tours are Google Street View Virtual Tours. Not only are they powered by the same technology that powers Google Maps, but they’re also extremely cost-effective, easy to update and maintain, and great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Do they design tours that can be shared easily?

A good virtual tour company will understand that it’s not just about creating the tour, but also making sure that it’s easily shareable. Features like one-click sharing, embedded links, and so on, will be a part of the execution.

Do they follow an analytics-based approach?

The right virtual tour company understands that it’s not just what your virtual tour looks like— it’s about the results it delivers. Good virtual tour providers will ask you about the metrics that are important to you (whether it’s more website traffic, more conversions, or more eyeballs)— and design the tour keeping these in mind. Not only that, but they will also provide you with a framework and analytics reports to help you see how you’re doing on these metrics once the tour is launched.

In a world where online marketing gets more complex every day, there are still some things that stand out. Virtual tours are one such marketing asset that can help you find an immediate advantage over your competitors, provided you implement them early enough.

hotel virtual tour

Boost Your Hotel’s Top Line with Hotel Virtual Tours

In the age of social media, standard hotel and resort photography just don’t cut it anymore. To get those round-the-year bookings, your property really needs to stand out. Luckily, there are ways to make that happen these days – and an outstanding hotel virtual tour is one of them.

What are hotel virtual tours?

Hotel virtual tours give users an in-depth immersive hotel inside view. From the rooms and the bathroom to the lobby and restaurants – viewers will almost feel as if they’re walking through the hotel. This kind of familiarity and intimacy means that there is a great chance they will end up booking a room well in advance. In modern business experience, this brings an unprecedented level of predictability in your revenue. This will allow you to leave your day-to-day demand worries aside, and focus on growth and expansion.

Besides, hotel virtual tours are not just for prospective customers who want to come on holiday. They’re just as important for companies that are looking to organize conferences and meetings at locations in different parts of the world — sometimes bringing together hundreds and even thousands of delegates. Giving these companies a virtual tour of your meeting halls and conference rooms, along with the hotel rooms and common spaces, is a great way to get those big-ticket bookings.

Features of hotel virtual tours

Interactive floor plan

With a good hotel virtual tour, users can see an interactive floor plan with unique wayfinding features — interactive hotspots, aerial views, and radar orientation— giving the complete hotel inside view.

Ease of use

Hotel virtual tours are designed to enable users to navigate through them seamlessly. They can either manually tour a series of rooms or simply auto scan and enjoy the entire tour. The tour is also aided by easy directional icons, allowing for an easy transition from one area to another.

Integration with social media

Good hotel virtual tours have a one-click sharing feature. This allows you to leverage social media in the best possible way.

Customized brand identity

You can customize hotel virtual tours to reflect your unique identity as a brand. Integrate your logos, videos, fonts, and colours — creating a unique brand experience.


A high-quality hotel virtual tour is usually powered by HTML 5 technology. This makes it completely responsive across platforms. So whether it’s desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones— Windows, Android, or iOS— the experience is seamless and immersive.

Benefits of Hotels and Resorts Virtual Tours

Find the right customers

Most hotels and resorts that use virtual tours report much higher conversion rates — whether that’s an increase in calls, emails, or other enquiries. Instead of relying on last-minute bookings and walk-ins, you can get fully booked much in advance— allowing you to focus on growth, service, and operations.

Connecting with new-age users

Millennials are one generation that spends a large part of their income on experiences, especially travel. What’s more, they use the internet as their primary source of travel bookings. A cutting-edge, immersive virtual tour goes a long way in increasing your credibility with these travellers.

Ownership of content

A virtual tour involves extensive 360 panoramic photography which you will have 100% ownership over. This ensures that some valuable marketing assets get added to your portfolio for the long-term.

SEO boost

The content from the virtual tour is stored in the Google Knowledge Graph. This means the content is hosted in the Google database, giving you an immediate advantage when it comes to search engine rankings.

At the end of the day, the hospitality industry can be cutthroat. In an age where the rules of marketing have changed so drastically, a hotel virtual tour is a sure-shot way of getting both those eyeballs and those advance bookings.

college virtual tour

Why You Need to Have a Custom Virtual Tour for Your College?

Campus tours serve a very important purpose – they allow students to actually visit the college, and experience the location, facilities, and atmosphere first-hand. Yet, travelling to campuses usually involves a lot of time and money – and most prospective applicants can only make it a select few tours. Having a virtual tour can help you solve this issue. With a college virtual tour, you can provide students with an in-depth, immersive experience that allows them to get to know your college better.

What are College Custom Virtual Tours?

College virtual tours allow colleges to showcase their entire campus through an online tour. This Google 360 tour is built with Google Street Views, the technology that powers Google Maps. Which is why the virtual tour allows users unprecedented access to the various facets of the college campus. This creates an experience that makes users feel as if they are actually present on campus.

Not only does the college virtual tour have breathtaking 360 panoramic views of the campus, but it also integrates videos, photo galleries, and a guided voice tour. For colleges that want to showcase everything they have to offer, without students having to leave the comfort of their homes, these virtual tours are a great option.

Features of a Custom Virtual Tour for College

Responsive tours

College virtual tours are designed to be responsive. This means that that they can be viewed across platforms, operating systems, and a range of devices. Whether it’s desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones— Windows, iOS, or Android— the experience remains the same.

Integrate existing marketing collateral

You can incorporate existing marketing assets — from videos to photo galleries to voice tours — into the virtual tour.

Customized approach

A good virtual tour provider will understand the specific needs of your University and tailor the tour to make sure you meet those needs. Whether it’s higher conversion rates or more website traffic, the tour can be completely aligned to your goals.

Metrics-driven approach

A good virtual tour will be designed to help you achieve business outcomes — and you will be able to use analytics tools to see how well you’re able to achieve those outcomes.

Benefits of College Virtual Tours

More organic coverage

With an immersive college virtual tour, viewers are likely to share snapshots on their social media. The result? Immediate, organic exposure among your target audience.

Attracting new-age users

Most prospective students are either late millennials or Gen-Zers. Which means a virtual tour will go a long way in establishing credibility. You can even use the virtual tour to make your orientation process much smoother.

Ownership of the content

All the panoramic photography that’s part of the tour will be owned entirely by the University. This means you get substantial marketing assets for the long run.

Help your fund-raising efforts

A virtual tour is a great way of showing alumni how their beloved alma mater has been improving. This becomes a good way of raising funds from the alumni network.

Benefits with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once you get an official Google Street View Inside Virtual Tour, you’re one step closer to a Complete Business Listing status on Google. This will help you greatly when it comes to online discovery. What’s more, all the virtual tour content is hosted in the Google database— this is another major advantage when it comes to SEO.

Colleges across the world are trying to find new and innovative ways to market themselves. In this scenario, a campus virtual tour is a solid marketing asset that can help you get ahead of the competition almost immediately.

Does Your Business Need a Virtual Tour?

In today’s age of instant gratification and information overload, it takes a lot for your business to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. In such a scenario, a virtual tour can be a great asset for your business. Not only does it give your business a competitive edge, but it also helps you find a connection with young, tech-savvy customers.

What is a Google 360 Virtual Tour?
Google Street View Virtual Tours are the most frequently used mapping technology in the world. It will create a complete 360-degree virtual tour of your business using the same technology that powers Google Maps.

Prospective customers will be able to enter your business and get a virtual walk-through, creating an in-depth, immersive experience. Not only will this get you more eyeballs and conversions, but users are also likely to share snapshots of the tour on their social media, ensuring great word-of-mouth.

Type of Businesses that Need 360 Virtual Tours
Any business that benefits from customers having an immersive virtual experience will benefit from a virtual tour. When the site and location is a big selling point in your business, then a 360 virtual tour becomes an absolute must. Some businesses that benefit greatly from having a Google 360 virtual tour include:

Hotels and resorts
Having an immersive virtual tour ensures that prospective customers understand exactly how alluring the property really is. For hotels and resorts, this can mean the difference between hoping for walk-ins and being fully booked well in advance.

Campus tours are part of the application process — students often get the feel of a college campus when they visit it. But a physical campus tour can be extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. Which is why a virtual college campus tour can help give students that same immersive, in-depth experience. This has an immediate impact on applications and subsequent enrollments.

Golf courses
Many golfers plan entire holidays around the golf course. When they’re searching online, they are more likely to choose a golf course that they have become intimately acquainted with — through the 360 virtual tour of course!

Importance of 360 virtual Tours for Businesses


Increased exposure
Not only do you get a lot more views and appreciation from users, but good tours also tend to get shared on social media — automatically getting more exposure for your brand.

SEO advantage
All the content that is part of the virtual tour is hosted in the Google database and is part of its original Knowledge Graph. This gives you an automatic advantage when it comes to rankings on Google search. Higher rankings naturally translate to more website traffic.

Complete Business Listing Status
When you have an official Google Street View virtual tour, your business becomes eligible to receive the Complete Business Listing status. This isn’t something that too many other brands would have, so online searches become much more favourable for you.

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Great way to introduce customers to your business
With a virtual tour, your customers have the opportunity to get to know your business even before they become paying customers. This goes a long way in building lasting loyalty.

Incorporate dynamic Google-generated content
You can integrate Google-generated content within your website and social media pages— another big SEO advantage.

Connecting with tech-savvy users
A virtual tour is a great way of connecting with increasingly tech-savvy users — especially millennials, who tend to do most of their purchases starting with an online search.

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Given the direction in which technology adoption is headed, a 360 virtual tour will soon become almost compulsory for any business. It’s a much better idea to get started immediately and gain a competitive advantage, even as others struggle to catch up in the coming years.