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4 Proven Tips to Market Your College to Parents

Getting more students to apply with your college during the enrolment season is not just about convincing them that you are the best choice. You need to market your college to parents as well, given how vested they are in their children’s future. Parents not only care about the kind of courses, faculty and facilities your institution has, but they also want to ensure that their money (if they are funding their kids’ education) is well-spent. So, taking their priorities into account is as important as addressing the needs of students. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Give your website the edge it needs – Be it the design, layout, or content, your website needs to be in shipshape to attract and retain parents. It should be easy to navigate and view on mobile devices too, so that busy parents or those who are not too tech-savvy can find out everything easily. Make sure you include top-notch images, videos and Collage virtual tours to give them an exciting experience. A virtual tour is especially realistic, immersive, and can make it easy to promote your college to parents. Include powerful and sensible calls-to-action as well, like “Talk to the Admin”, “Schedule a Visit”, “Parent Testimonials”, “Download Form” and so on. Add social media buttons in such a way that they are clearly visible, so that parents can follow you on other channels if they want to. You can have a dedicated page for parents too, where they can find all the relevant information in one go.   

  2. Make emails work – When it is a matter of marketing to parents, emails work really well since they convey serious intent. Plus, working parents can easily keep track of your mails besides the others that they receive daily. They can forward yours to their children as well, which is bound to get you more interest and engagement. After all, when a student sees that your college seems worthy to the parents, they will be more likely to apply. Just make sure you customize the email to address parents and their usual concerns. So, from tuition fees and financial aid to the locality of the campus, nearby facilities, medical aid, and potential employers who approach your college during the placement season, cover things that parents are keen on. You can also add links to your social media pages, virtual tours or application form at the end of the mail.

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  3. Create parent-centric ads and target smartly – Creating Google and Facebook ads are among the best tips to market your college to parents. Make sure you forge an emotional bond through these by focusing on how getting into your college will help their children get good grades, bag awesome jobs, live a healthy life and become socially smart. Most parents of high-school students head to Google whenever they need some information and are active on Facebook. So, creating the right ads for these platforms will help you get their attention. When it comes to targeting, you can go for those who are 35 years and above or zero in on those whose budget matches your fees. The ads can be shown to those who have visited your college’s website before but not taken an action or read blogs on how to handle teenagers or the empty-nester syndrome. They are most likely to have children who are ready for college.

  4. Get blogging and social media posting right – Among the college marketing ideas that work for parents, blogging and posting on social media channels rank high. Most parents look forward to detailed how-to guides, checklists and vlogs that showcase campus life, admission procedure, scholarship applications and so on. Many are interested in what extracurricular activities their kids can participate in or what kind of part-time jobs are available in the community. So, crafting informative, original and interesting blog or social media posts can get you parents’ attention. Keep it simple yet engaging and experiment with multiple content formats. For instance, memes, GIFs, graphs and slides can do the trick apart from more text-heavy blog posts or articles. Even if you are focused on text, make sure you include high-quality visuals. Infographics are another great way to hook parents who want to consume information quickly or on the go.

So, are you ready to market your college to parents and win them as well the students over? It’s time to get all your communication and marketing materials sorted. And if you need help with images, videos or virtual tours, shoot us an email at

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4 Sure-Shot Ways to Attract International Students to Your University

It is human nature to seek greener pastures or brighter possibilities when you are growing up and trying to find your foothold in a fiercely competitive world. So, it is no surprise that for decades, students have been testing new waters when it comes to higher education. In other words, studying abroad has always had its own attraction for those who are looking for something more than what their home countries offer. So, most universities already realize the importance of drawing international students to their courses, as it not only means more revenue, but also better recognition at a global level. However, attracting international students to your university takes a bit of strategy and creativity. Keep these tips in mind.

  1. Give your website an extra edge – For starters, make your website multilingual. Integrating your CRM with Google Translate can do the trick. Better still, if you can create different sites for different languages, you can incorporate cultural cues and address students of different backgrounds in a more realistic way. For example, the cultural context for someone whose first language is English might be different from someone whose first language is Spanish. Make sure your website has all the necessary information related to courses, deadlines, admission, documentation, scholarships and financial aid. Make sure that international students have a way to contact an admission counselor through the site. Application forms should also be easy to translate in different languages.  

  2. Show the real picture with virtual tours – One of the best tips to attract international students to your university involves creating a virtual tour. Remember that studying abroad is a major decision for most students, especially those who have responsibilities back at home or are planning to take a break from work to pursue an expensive degree. And an immersive, engaging and interactive virtual tour is the best way to give them an exact idea about your institution, facilities, the locality and community, the campus culture, placement opportunities and so on. Plus, virtual tours are perfect for boosting brand awareness and drive conversions when students can’t visit your university in person before making a choice.

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  3. Put student testimonials to good use – Before taking an important decision like studying abroad, most applicants want to make sure that you can live up to your claim of being that dream university. So, to earn their trust, put together some glowing testimonials from your current and past international students. You can create blog posts, website stories and social media posts that showcase what they feel about your institution, what do they like the most there, how they have benefited from a particular course or scholarship, or what kind of jobs they have secured after graduating. This kind of brand advocacy can have a far-reaching impact and convince potential applicants that they are making the right choice by going with you. Try and include testimonials that answer common questions – they might be related to the cuisines served at the cafeteria, courses that have global appeal, housing options that allow students of the same culture to live together, and so on. 

  4. Power up communication – A brilliant marketing strategy to attract international students is to make communication smooth and easy. This means reaching out to them through social media channels, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, Skype and so on. Keep the language simple and avoid abbreviations as much as possible. Remember that not all students will be familiar enough with English. On your website or social media pages, make the contact button easy to see and enquiry forms should be simple and short. Try to reply at the earliest and keep a student’s background, culture, personal situations or needs in mind while doing so. You can use a Customer Relationship Management system to track all queries and comments better. Try to include more visual information in your communications, so that students don’t get tired of reading through a lot of text. Well-shot pictures, videos, infographics or simple graphs are recommended.  

So, you now know how to attract international students to your university without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time. Understanding what they might need or look for is the biggest key to the success of your marketing strategy. And if you need guidance with photographs, videos or virtual tours to take the game up a notch, shoot us an email at  

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Assure students that your college is perfect for them

5 ways to Assure Students That your College is Perfect for Them

Yes, the pandemic is still here, but life is gradually and carefully adapting to a new rhythm. Take college admissions, for instance. While students are eager to start a new phase of life, they are not too keen about travelling much or meeting a lot of people in person just yet. They want an easier way to find out about different campuses, compare them and then make a choice. So, how do you convince students to apply to your school even when you can’t meet them personally? Here are 5 smart tips that can help: 

  1. Informative and engaging blogs or articles – Any college worth its salt knows the importance of having an attractive and informative website. Along side a strong website, in-depth, interesting blogs and articles are the best way to add value to it. In fact, you can also churn out guest blogs to draw potential candidates from other reputed sites. How-to articles and guides can especially help students to find out more about your institution, how to apply, what courses to consider, how to get financial aid, and more. Plus, by including relevant keywords (phrases that potential applicants use while searching for colleges), you can rank high on Google over time and boost awareness. This will get you more traffic to your website and conversions.

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  2. Appealing and meaningful visuals – One of the best ways to convince students to attend your college is to use visual media like well-shot images, exciting videos and immersive college virtual tours. Pictures speak louder than words, and so, include powerful visuals wherever possible, on your site and social media pages. They will ensure more engagement, better recall, and can help you beat competition. Virtual tours, especially, are perfect if you want students to explore your campus in a realistic manner and imagine their future there. You can also embed buttons like “Apply Now”, “Plan a Visit”, “Contact a Student Ambassador” etc. to drive conversions. 

  3. Smooth and effective communication – If you wish to attract students to your college in this tech-savvy era, you need to warm up to channels like text messsaging, email, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and so on. It can be a super effective way to send out updates and notices, especially if you want to reach students anytime, anywhere. This way, they won’t miss out on anything important, be it the last date for application or documents needed at the time of enrolment. Having multiple channels of communication also means students can get their doubts cleared whenever they want and appreciate your support. You can share visual information too, to hook them fast. This can lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. 

  4. Tap the power of social media – Social media marketing is among the best tools to increase college enrolment without spending a ton on physical or online ads. Building eye-catching pages that are rich in information can be your starting point, whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or all of them. Since youngsters spend a large chunk of time scrolling through their social feeds, your institution will come across as smart, progressive and friendly. You can create interesting and visual-rich posts about important events, the majors you offer, your faculty members, and your facilities, ranging from the lawns, pool and gym to dormitories, lecture halls, library. Sharing virtual tours on social media platforms is another clever way to ensure better engagement.

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  5. Let your alumni speak – In order to convince students for admission, you have to walk the talk. Essentially, you have to prove what you claim. And for that, you can loop in alumni members and request them to create short videos where they talk about their on-campus experience, how they bagged good jobs from your placement cell or earned a prized football scholarship, how they enjoyed running around the gardens or splashing in the pool, how the locality or community made everyday life easy for them, and so on.    

All in all, it is not impossible to attract students to your college, despite the tremendous competition in the education sector, if you are a little creative and know how to keep up with the times. And the above tricks and tips must have made it evident how crucial visual marketing is, when it comes to improving college enrolment statistics. So, send us an email at if you need help with stunning photos, videos or virtual tours, and we will do it all for you.

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