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Increase College Enrollment

5 Creative Ways to Increase College Enrollment

At the end of the day, the success of a college is largely determined by how many students get enrolled or can’t wait to get enrolled. And that in turn is something that depends on how well you connect with potential applicants, how effectively you can guide their decision, and convince them. So, to increase college enrollment or give your competitors a run for their money, you need to think like Gen Z and get pally with technology, especially digital marketing. After all, the pandemic is anything but over, and you need to go the extra mile to see results. Here are some tips that will help you.  

  1. Don’t take SEO lightly – Be it your website, blog, business listings or social media pages, search engine optimization is necessary, if you want Google to sit up and take note of you (give you a high rank that is). For that, researching, identifying and using the right keywords in your digital content is essential. For instance, if you want students searching with “affordable colleges in Boston” to find you, the phrase needs to be there somewhere in your content. However, remember to use keywords naturally and avoid stuffing, so that search engines know that your content is useful and not hardcore selling.   
  2. Make your website better – One of the best ways to increase college enrollment is by making your website attractive, easy to navigate, and informative. Get professional help if you want to improve the design, layout and content. Including a chatbot that can answer common questions can be immensely helpful for students who check out your site after work hours. Make it easy to find information related to courses, admission, fees, residence halls, scholarships and so on. Try and understand what are the things that motivate your students. What kind of majors, careers, or lives do they want? Provide information that can help them picture the future after they become a part of your community.

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  3. Focus on visual marketing – Usingbrilliantly shot, crisp and relevant images, videos and virtual tours is one of the top tips to increase college enrollment. They can get the point across without an applicant having to digest a lot of text. Virtual tours are especially realistic and immersive affairs, through which you can let students explore your campus, facilities and even the neighborhood. Try and include short videos of past students who feel wonderful about your college and can share why it has helped them succeed. This will lend more credibility to your institution and claims. Infographics and memes are also smart ways to pack in a lot of information, without wasting an applicant’s time or energy.
  4. Utilize your social media presence – Reaching out to prospective students through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn (it’s not just for professionals) is a great way to build a bond and create brand awareness. You just have to figure out which content formats work best for which platform. For instance, posts on Facebook can have a lighthearted touch, while Instagram posts can show amazing pictures of your campus, and LinkedIn posts can be informative and targeted towards those who take their future goals and careers super seriously. Just make sure everything is easy to understand and use visuals wherever possible. Trigger words like “How to”, “Tips”, “Guide”, “Hacks” can especially encourage applicants to click and read more.  
  5. Become mobile-friendly – Among all the ideas to increase college enrollment that you might come across, this has a special place. Students often find it easier to check out colleges when they are lazing around or running an errand. If your website is mobile-friendly, it will make things easier for them. Less text and more numbers, graphs, images and videos are recommended. In fact, by optimizing college virtual tours for mobile devices, you can encourage potential students to watch and share on the go. Apart from your website, make sure your email communications and social media posts are also optimized for mobiles. Make it easy to apply to your college through mobile devices as well, so that no one feels too lazy to prop open a laptop or head to a desktop.  

Whether you try all the above tips, or a few of them, make sure to tell a story about your institution. The best way to increase college enrollment is by standing out from the others. So, let students know what your brand stands for, what your vision is, what you believe in, and what you do to make a difference. And if you want a bit of guidance with visual marketing (that’s the way to go if you want the above tips to work), shoot us an email at

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College virtual tours

5 Ways Virtual Tours Can Power Up Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

With the second wave of COVID hitting the world hard, it has become crucial for colleges to do everything creative they can to power up their student recruitment plans without compromising safety or convenience. Naturally, virtual tours for campus recruitment is the way to go if you want a win-win strategy. Since in-person visits and college fairs are simply out of the question, with the pandemic still on, it pays to invest in a marketing tool that is innovative, immersive, very Gen Z and simple. So, read on about how virtual tours can give you great results during the recruitment season.  

  1. Show that you care – In the wake of the pandemic, a smart campus recruitment strategy is to show prospective students that you care. And by putting up a virtual tour on your website and social media pages, you can show how you take social distancing, isolation and safety seriously. Plus, students from anywhere can access these tours without having to waste time on visiting your college physically or spend a lot of money on such travels. Using virtual tours to market your institution also shows that you are in sync with what the new generation wants and prefers, as they are way more tech-savvy than their parents and grandparents.
  2. Get more visibility and traffic – Campus recruitment through visual media like virtual tours can boost your website’s rank on Google. Why? Because people tend to click more on sites that have visually attractive content. Plus, if the tour is optimized for search engines and features on your Google My Business listing, it will get more visibility and traffic. Google will read this as relevance and rank your site higher than competing colleges.  

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  3. Get better engagement and conversion – College virtual tours, being immersive and exciting, usually encourage students to stick around on your site for longer and explore everything in detail. And the longer they stay, the higher is the chance of engagement. Greater engagement also translates to more conversions. The fact that everything about your campus, from the manicured lawns and bright lecture halls to the swanky gym and cozy library, seems real, helps the student make an informed decision.  
  4. Help spread the word fast – One of the top campus recruitment tips is to get the word out about why your college is special, fast, and virtual tours can do just that. They hook potential applicants in seconds, give them a fair idea about what you offer and why, and are easy to share on social media channels. In fact, you can include a link to your tour when you send emails to both students and their parents. If they like what they see, they will simply share your virtual tour link in their circle and get you more exposure in the process. Plus, “seeing” what your institution is all about is way faster and simpler than going through a lot of text on your website.
  5. Show that you are different from others – Using virtual tours for campus recruitment is a wise choice because it lets you highlight what’s unique or different about your college. After all, every other higher education institution is vying for the attention of the same students. With a virtual tour, you can give prospective applicants a chance to find out about your highly qualified faculty, or exclusive majors, super clean residence halls (the pandemic has made safety extra important), placement cell (you can include snippets of past students who bagged great jobs), student support groups, scholarships, community life and more, in detail. You can showcase impressive figures, glowing testimonials and track records in a stylish way.    

So, what are you waiting for? Give your campus recruitment strategy an extra edge with virtual tours that connect deeply, evoke the right emotions, guide a potential applicant’s journey and get you more enrolment. Not sure how to get started? Connect with us at

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8 Surprising Virtual Tour Statistics to Blow Your Mind In 2021

2021 has made it perfectly clear that for a business to survive and thrive, visual marketing is the way to go. Be it your website, blog, Google ads or social media posts, everything needs to be visual-rich and less textual to send across the right message in the least time possible. Which is why, virtual tours are all the rage now. Immersive, interactive and super engaging, they let viewers (potential customers) explore a shop, restaurant, hotel, college, gym or even a golf course, whenever and wherever they want. They are perfect for driving more traffic to your website as well as conversions. Not quite convinced yet? Check out these 2021 virtual tour statistics to know about the benefits.  

  1. Views for websites with virtual tours are 5 to 10 times longer than those that don’t have them

Shared by Leonardo Worldwide, this is one of those virtual tour stats that show how these tours generate better engagement. The longer a visitor lingers on your website and explores your offerings, the higher is their chance to convert into a paying customer.

  • People between 18 and 34 years of age are 130% more likely to book a service or venue if they see a virtual tour

According to Reimagine Main Street, businesses that wish to target millennials or the youth section of the society should make use of virtual tours, as it appeals to their tech-savvy nature. Plus, virtual tours give viewers a realistic idea of what a venue might be like, which is necessary to build trust.

  • 67% customer want more businesses to offer virtual tours

A survey conducted by Seek Beak revealed one of the most interesting virtual tour statistics 2021 – 2 out of 3 customers are aware of virtual tours and would like more businesses to come up with the same. So, if you were under the impression that your potential customers won’t know what to do with such a tour, think again! If you want them to understand your business better, get started with a virtual tour.

  • 63% of travel websites posted 360 photos or videos in 2016

A study by Social Bakers in 2016 showed how 63% of travel companies were using panoramic photos and videos to attract customers. Even back then, offering a realistic view of what a tourist spot or vacation home might look like thrilled potential travelers. And today, virtual tours are here to make the marketing game easier for travel brands. The same study also revealed that about 54% of automotive companies were using 360-degree virtual tours to engage with prospective buyers. It continues to be a wonderful way of helping people explore and gauge the quality of a vehicle and make an informed decision.

  • 50% of internet-using US adults make property-related decisions based on virtual tours

One of the most intriguing virtual tour statistics is related to the real estate industry. As per Nar Realtor, 50% of US adults who use the internet go by virtual tours when it comes to zeroing in on a property. That is because virtual tours are the best way to become familiar with every nook and cranny, and they help future homeowners visualize themselves in a particular environment. While 89% of prospective buyers feel that images are everything when it comes to house-hunting, most of them are shifting to virtual tours as they are more immersive and authentic.

  • Google Maps listings with virtual tours see 12% more engagement than those without

Laurels Tech found out that incorporating virtual tours in Google listings can boost a business’s visibility organically (or for free). Also, if a Google My Business listing features a virtual tour, Google will throw up 360 thumbnail displays when someone conducts a relevant search. This can get your business more views, engagement, and sales.

  • Virtual tours witness 5 million visits daily worldwide

One of the most important virtual tour stats shared by Panomatics is this one, for sure. It shows how easily virtual tours can attract new and existing customers, connect with them, build their trust, and convince them. Since they are innovative and cutting-edge, customers tend to spend more time on any page that has virtual tours.

  • Virtual tours increase conversion by 16% to 67%

Businesses using virtual tours for marketing witnessed a 16% to 67% rise in conversion, as per TIG Global. The conversion is directly proportional to the level of engagement, which can be achieved with a great background score, fun animation or a nice voiceover. Essentially, virtual tours are the key to better conversion, which is the ultimate goal for any business.

By now, this list of virtual tour statistics 2021 must have proved how important this form of marketing is, if you wish to break the industry clutter and stand out. So, get started today and email us at if you need a bit of guidance.