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Add your Google Virtual Tour to your website – Here’s how

A Google business virtual tour does wonders for your Google My Business listing. It not only adds depth to the listing and makes it interesting for your customers but also gives you a nice cushion against competitors. Now, Google allows you to add the listing to your own website too. This will allow your website visitors to take a virtual tour of your business without leaving the site.

It’s quite simple to embed the Google Virtual tour on your website. Here’s the step by step way to do it

Step 1

Search Google for your Google My Business listing. You’ll be able to find it when you do a direct brand name search or search using a relevant keyword. Once you locate the listing, go to the page your virtual tour shows. Click on it so that the view expands to fill your entire screen. You’ll next need to choose a starting point for the tour that’ll be on your website. To do this, move around the tour until you reach a spot that showcases a great view of your business (like the one below). This can be your starting point image.

Step 2



On the top left of your tour screen, click on the three vertical dots and then click on the ‘Share or Embed Image’ option from the pop up menu

Step 3
In the pop up that appears, you’ll be allowed to choose the size of the image / virtual tour that’ll be hosted on your site. You can choose from small, medium or large sizes. One of these generally works for most websites. But if you are a bit picky, you can customize it to the exact size you want by choosing ‘Custom size’ from the drop down menu.  If you choose a custom size, don’t forget to check the final image by clicking on ‘Preview actual size’ link. Once you are satisfied with the chosen size, highlight the html code in the box and copy it.


Step 4

Next, embed the code on the page on your website where you want to showcase the virtual tour. After you add the html for the code, also set the width to 100% and height between 450px – 550px. This generally looks good on most websites across devices. That’s about it. Your Google Virtual Tour is now added to your website.

Step 5


Run a final check by viewing the tour on your websites. You can also send out the page to colleagues to test if everything looks fine across devices.

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