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6 Businesses that Need 360 Virtual Tours and Why

If you have not been living under a rock, you already have an idea about why businesses need virtual tours to stand out these days. These immersive and realistic tours don’t just appeal to the eyes, but are also informative and give your business the competitive edge it needs, especially if others are yet to catch up with this novel marketing strategy. Plus, if your target audience is young and tech-savvy, 360 virtual tours are the perfect way to grab their attention, convert site visitors into paying customers, and encourage them to share your tour with others, leading to increased awareness. So, what kinds of businesses need 360 virtual tours? Read on to find out.

Businesses that can do wonders with 360 virtual tours

If the location and looks of your business play a key role in drawing customers, you should go for a virtual tour. You can add this tour to Google My Business listings, your website, social media pages and even emails to target potential customers and boost conversion. Hence, 360 virtual tours for businesses like these are essential:

  1. Educational institutions – Both colleges and universities can use virtual tours to give students a holistic experience of the campus, facilities, and even the vibe. These tours can be embedded with buttons for registering, asking questions, scheduling a visit and sharing on social media. Plus, virtual tours can be taken from anywhere, anytime and don’t require students to waste time or money.
  2. Hotels and restaurants – Virtual tours can give prospective guests or customers an immersive feel of how the hotel or restaurant might be like. From the location, architecture, design and décor to lighting, furnishings and even views and the food, 360 tours can help customers visualize their actual experience, compare easily and then make a booking.
  3. Hospitals and clinics – The need of 360 virtual tours cannot be ignored in the healthcare industry, as patients nowadays try to find out about the facilities before they make an appointment. With these tours, medical establishments can give a clear idea about the kind of rooms they have, the equipment they use, the kind of doctors they have, and so on.
  4. Museums, galleries, zoos, and parks – When it comes to the world of entertainment, virtual tours are going to be big in the coming years. Be it a museum, art gallery, a zoo, or a national park, these 360 tours will give viewers a stunning experience and an in-depth idea of what they might expect after a visit. With such a tour, the best aspects of such places can be highlighted.
  5. Real estate – 360 virtual tours for businesses like realty can make a world of difference by providing potential buyers a clear picture of the property, both externally and internally. Multiple physical visits are no longer necessary to shortlist houses or commercial spaces.
  6. Gyms, sports clubs and golf courses – Fitness and sports enthusiasts often try to understand the look and feel of the place they intend to visit to pursue their passion, before taking a call. This is why virtual tours of gymnasiums, sports arenas and golf courses can offer them an interactive and modern experience to make an informed choice.

So, what are the different ways in which a virtual tour benefits a business?

  • Your business tends to rank high on Google when you create a virtual tour, since the content gets hosted in the Google database and belongs to the original Knowledge Graph as well. And the high rank drives more traffic to your website.
  • Attractive and informative virtual tours are highly engaging and evoke positive emotions too. They get shared widely on social media, which translates to more exposure for your business.
  • Virtual tours give potential customers a chance to know your business intimately, before they decide to make a purchase. These tours help you earn trust and loyalty as well.
  • A Google Street View virtual tour is a smart way to earn the status of Complete Business Listing, and get a competitive edge. So, when someone searches for something that you sell, your business has a higher chance to appear at the top of search results than others.

All in all, a variety of businesses can scale up intelligently, draw more clients, and boost their revenues through 360 virtual tours. So, if you want to stay ahead of others and make hay while the sun shines, start creating an impactful virtual tour now. And if you are looking for a bit of professional guidance, email us at and we will get back to you soon.

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