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All That You Need To Know While Adding Google My Business Photos

If you are reading this, you are already aware how useful a Google My Business listing can be for your business. However, there are many business owners like you out there who share this knowledge. This is why adding Google My Business photos to your listing can help you stand out and gain a competitive edge. So, are you eager to get started? Read on to know exactly how such photos will help you and the things to keep in mind when you add them.   

Reasons to add Google My Business photos to your listing

  • Establishes trust – Photos that clearly show the inside and outside of your business, the products you make or services you offer, and the people who work with you, help in building the trust of potential customers almost immediately.
  • Improves engagement and decision-making – The importance of Google My Business photos lies in the fact that they help customers understand what you do better. This way, prospects feel interested, tend to contact you for more details and make decisions quickly. They can compare your business easily with others and take a call without having to research much.

How to add Google My Business photos?

Make sure your business is verified by Google before you start. You can either use the GMB mobile app or a desktop to add photos. Just navigate to the Menu section and then the Photos section to add images or videos. Keep these points in mind:

  • Google My Business photos must be in PNG or JPG format.
  • 720 x 720 pixels are the dimensions required.
  • The image file size needs to be between 10KB and 5MB.
  • Make sure that the images have a crisp resolution and are show brightly lit places.
  • Avoid altering the photos or using filters.
  • To add Logo or Cover photo, choose the relevant option in the Photos section and upload. The logo should be crystal clear and the cover photo should be one that looks well on both laptops and mobile devices.
  • Adding videos or Google virtual tours is similar to what you do for photos. Just make sure that the video is at most 30 seconds long and the file size is not more than 100 MB. Go for a resolution of 720p or higher.  

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Tips to add Google My Business photos that make an impact

To make the maximum impact with your Google My Business photos, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Your logo should be such that potential customers can identify your brand instantly.
  • The cover photo should ideally indicate what your business is all about.
  • General pictures, which can be uploaded by both you and customers, should highlight various aspects of your business. These should help other prospects make an informed decision.
  • Videos can offer behind-the-scenes information about your business or brand, how a product gets made or how your employees offer a particular service.
  • Try and upload both exterior and interior photos to maintain transparency about your business.
  • If you sell products, upload their high-quality photos to make the quality, colors, dimensions, easily understandable. If you offer services, show your workforce in action.
  • If you are in the food business, upload tempting images of your dishes. Same goes for beverages.
  • Upload photos of happy employees or those who directly interact with your customers to seem real and gain trust.

All in all, add Google My business photos to your listing to grab eyeballs quickly, make a lasting impression, earn customer trust and encourage them to choose you over others. It is easy to do as long as you keep the above tips and ideas in mind. And if you need a bit of guidance to go about it the right way, shoot us an email at and we will get back to you soon.  

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Google Interactive Tours vs Street View

Google Interactive Tours vs Street View: Which is Better?

Faced with cut-throat competition, businesses often adopt the latest technologyto stand out from the crowd. Unlike before, there are many advanced tools to empower a business so that it can leave a lasting impression – right from the outset!

Google Interactive Virtual Tour and Street View are two of the most innovative tools which businesses can take advantage of for a more impactful representation. If youare wondering which one of these two is better, or for that matter, which one should you choose to give your business a boost? We have set Google Interactive Tours vs Street View for a direct faceoff to let you figure out just that.

Google Interactive Tours vs Street View
Google Interactive Tours vs Street View

Google Interactive Virtual Tour

A Google virtual tour is designed to deliver an interactive 360 experience. To be more precise, it is a complete simulation of your business attached to your Google My Business listing.

Interactive Virtual Tour

Google virtual tour is an amazing representation of your brand. The interactive tour not only showcases what your business has to offer with immersive detail, but also helps it win attention that proves to be a decisive factor.

Google Street View

Google Street View is integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth that showcases interactive panoramas of stitched images. With Street View, users can explore world landmarks, take a glance at wonders, and even step into arenas, museums, restaurants, and small businesses. And that too right from their fingertips.

That’s what makes Street View so fascinating for both everyday users and businesses.

Street View

How to Create Google Virtual Tour

Creating a Google Virtual Tour is quite straightforward. All you have to do to get started is to capture images > edit them with precision > stitch them together to produce high-res panoramic photos, using a virtual tour software. And then, upload the tour to the correct Google My Business listing.

How to Capture 360 Videos for Google Street View

Thanks to the Super Handy Street View app, publishing and linking 360 photos is a breeze. Ensure that your images are at least 7.5MP (4K) with a 2:1 aspect ratio. Besides, also make sure that they are not more than 75 megabytes in size.

Be sure to disable any gyroscopic stabilization and keep your camera upright. Also, position your camera support system precisely to ensure it takes up not more than 25% of the bottom of the resulting 360 images.

So, Which One – Interactive Tour or Street View – is Better?

Coming back to the all-important question as to which one is better: Interactive Tour or Street View. Though both are great for a visual representation of your business, Interactive Tour is a bit more impactful.

Both in terms of showing off your business personality and providing vivid detail of your offerings, the virtual tour has a slight edge. For instance, if you own a luxurious 7-star hotel, you get the most out of the interactive tour to showcase the beautiful interior, different cuisines, and even offer a sneak-peek into your hotel’s specialty.

The immersive tour immediately catches eye-balls, giving people a taste of your brand’s identity. And that too without consuming much of their time!

If you are willing to create a top-notch 360° virtual tour of your business, contact us to get the job done for you with unmatched expertise. Being Google’s number one agency, Mass Interact excels in creating 360° virtual tours that never fail to leave a lasting impression.

Google Street View for Your Business – Pros Win Over Cons

Though launched way back in 2007, Google Street View is a technology that many businesses are yet to warm up to. So, if you too are wondering why Google Street View can be good for you or whether you really need to use it, this article will give you some great insights. You are probably aware that these days, pictures sell way more than plain words, and customers like to “see” what your business is all about rather than just “read” about it, before making taking a step towards the actual purchase. And this is where Google Street View can come in super handy, especially if you have listed your business on Google. Read on to know why.

Understanding Google Street View

Given that most businesses, both big and small, show up on Google Maps nowadays, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why those with pictures get more traffic or enquiries than those without. The images work best when they are 360-degree or panoramic.

And when such panoramic images are connected or compiled, they become Street View. So, the biggest advantage of Google Street View is that it is like a virtual tour, immersive, honest and realistic. It can help potential customers know your business better, inside out.

Still, it makes sense to know more about a technology before you decide to embrace it. So, here you go.


  • Builds customer trust – Withmore people shopping for things or making bookings online than ever before, it is natural for them to go with a business that is transparent and credible. And what better way to ensure that than with Google Street View? A collection of authentic images that reveals every nook and cranny of your venture is sure to forge a connection of trust with viewers. For example, if you run an organic café in a great location and share images of the approach, dishes, ingredients or even the organic crockery and cutlery you use, it will bring in more people than a café that lacks visual marketing.

  • Attracts the right audience – Another major advantage of Google Street View is that it can target the kind of audience you have in mind. Say, for instance, you have a boutique store that sells funky maternity clothes. By creating Street View of the same, you can bring in all expecting and fashion-conscious women in the locality and boost actual sales figures.

  • Drives the desire to buy – Since customerswant their money’s worth whether they are heading to a hardware store or booking a romantic night at an upscale hotel, they want as much information as possible in advance. So, by offering them Street Views, which are like virtual tours, you can help them make an informed choice, or guide them from the consideration stage to the purchase stage.

  • Makes sharing easy – Google Street Views are exciting, informative and lifelike, which means if your target customers like what they see, they will share it with others too. It is a great way to improve online visibility or brand awareness in the digital age. Street Views are easy to share across mobile devices and social media platforms as well, and appeal to the millennials especially. Say, your college has amazing residence halls, a massive library, a swanky pool or a state-of-the-art laboratory. Street View can highlight it all beautifully and encourage students to consume the information and share it too.   

Google Street View Pros and Cons


If you are wondering about the disadvantages of Google Street View, there are hardly any. Only a few complaints have cropped up now and then about excess sharing, privacy concerns, and lack of accuracy. However, if you are weighing pros and cons of Google Street View, pros outweigh the cons by a massive margin. By adopting this technology, you can give your business the visual marketing edge it needs to bring in more traffic and revenues. To get started with Street View, just shoot an email to and we will get back to you with the best solution possible.

Your Local Business Needs This Power-Packed GMB Checklist for Better ROI

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing has leveled the playing field for big and small businesses somewhat, if not all the way. Today, a small local bakery can try and establish a solid online presence to bring in more traffic and boost its revenues, despite the presence of giant competitors. And local search has a significant role to play in this. For instance, did you know that close to 90% of those who conduct local mobile searches visit or call the store the same day? Plus, if you are a forward-thinking business, you already know why Google My Business or GMB listing is essential to empower your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO and Google My Business

Like we said before, modern businesses who are even a little aware of digital marketing, know what SEO is. Basically, your website needs to be optimized with the right keywords so that its visibility increases or it earns a better rank on the search results page.

Local SEO follows a similar logic. The only difference is it helps businesses with a physical presence to attract local customers. So, imagine, a potential customer is searching for chocolate cakes near him, and your business shows up on the first page! There is a high probability that he will call you or visit you to place an order. And this is where a Google My Business listing becomes important.

You see, a GMB listing tells your customers where you are located, what directions to follow and also shares a short story about your brand, product and service. These days, it is even possible to include special promotions and discount announcements in these listings.

Now, if your GMB listing is optimized well, a generic keyword search will help the customer to land on your listing on the very first page of search results. In other words, if you get this listing right, you can make the most of local organic searches or discovery searches. In fact, according to a Bright Local survey, every month, an average business gets around 1009 customer searches. And discovery searches account for 84% of these.

So, here’s the GMB checklist you need to follow to make sure that your listing is as perfect as possible.

Ensure correct information and remove duplicates

If you are wondering how to set up Google My Business, just visit and follow some simple instructions. If you already have a listing, make sure that the basics are right. Like, your business name should be the one that appears on your storefront, website and other marketing materials. The address should be correct too, and same as on other directory listings, website and social media pages. A working phone number with local area code should be included, so that Google can match it with the address. Avoid toll-free numbers. And do make sure that there are no duplicate listings.

Categorize your business right

It might interest you to know that more than 300 popular categories are listed on Google to help you categorize your business easily. Though it is obvious, note that the first category you pick is your main category and should represent your business as correctly as possible.

Like, if you are a ‘Pizza Restaurant’, it may show your local business listing to those searching for ‘Restaurants’, ‘Pizza’, or ‘Italian Restaurants’. In case your exact category isn’t available, choose the most relevant category. If you are selecting additional categories, make sure they complement your main category.

Your introduction should do the talking

To get Google My Business optimization right, make sure your introduction is crisp, informative and engaging, apart from being keyword-rich for local SEO. Short paragraphs, bullet points and subheads can make it more readable and attractive. Focus on your business’s USPs. Remember that the “user intent” is very high during a mobile search, and hence, the description should be mobile-friendly and formatted accordingly.

Photos, videos and virtual tours can help

The GMB checklist for local businesses is incomplete without this tip. Nothing beats visual marketing, even if you have a compelling description to hook searchers. High-quality photos of your store, products and even staff can be helpful. Photos based on facilities or even customers being helped can be useful. Good photos can boost your ROI, and so, try and hire a professional photographer.

Short videos are a great idea too and can ensure better recall. Or, go for a 360 degree virtual tour, especially if you have a restaurant, café, hotel, spa, gym etc. This will be immensely engaging for your potential customers as they will get to assess your store or outlet before paying a visit. Click Google Virtual Tour of your business to get started.

A bit of extra info can seal the deal

While creating or updating your GMB listing, think from a customer’s perspective. For instance, if you run an IELTS coaching centre, stating the correct business hours, prices, and payment modes will help. Remember to include special offers and events as well, to attract more visitors. You can also include CTAs or call to action buttons like “Request a Quote” to prompt searchers to contact you. If you are a hotel or eatery, an option to make a reservation online can help immensely.

Get and manage reviews smartly

Reviews can make or break your venture, especially in the digital world, where it takes a few seconds to write a review on social media platforms. While an exceptionally good service or product can earn you a glowing Google My Business review, poor service can irk a customer quickly. So, when you do something good, consciously, request reviews from your customers. If you are a café, ask how the dishes look and taste, or if you are a spa, ask if the massage offered relaxation. Then thank your customers by offering a discount on their next visit or a complimentary product or service.

Tackle negative reviews intelligently as well. Respond to them at the earliest, show that you understand the customer’s concern, and offer a solution proactively. Try and channel the conversation to a private messenger. Post resolution, a customer might change how he rated you too.

Business verification and URL linking

It is not enough to power up your Google My Business listing with all the necessary information. You should remember to verify your business too. Only then will your photos, contact number and description appear on Google Maps. Once done, a badge called Verified will show up next to your business name.

Now, when it comes to linking URLs, if you have a single store location and single website, the task is easy. In case you have multiple locations, a separate page will be needed for each. And each of those pages should be linked to the concerned landing page. You can also link your listing to social media profiles to increase engagement.


So, the above GMB optimization checklist is your best bet if you wish to stay updated with Google My Business listings. For more information on how you can optimize your listing, send an email to