Visual Marketing

5 Benefits of Visual Marketing Every Business Should Know

There is a reason why visual marketing has emerged as the best form of marketing over the years. No one wants to consume text-heavy content anymore, as it eats up a lot of time, energy and focus. With most businesses taking the online route nowadays for promoting their brands and offers, it is all the more essential to create content that grabs attention quickly and conveys the message easily. That’s because your potential customer is busy and wants to find out things quickly, remember important information better, make decisions easily, and shies away from brands that hard-sell without connecting. Hence, the need of visual marketing, through photos, videos, GIFs or virtual tours, cannot be ignored. Read on to know more about the many benefits: 

  1. Fast engagement and better organic traffic – Visual marketing, when done right, can hook potential customers more easily, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you are using crisp and well-shot photos or a video that is funny or emotional, these methods are more attractive than plain text and will draw more organic (or free) traffic to your site. And that’s just what you want. 

  2. Better search engine ranking – Ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is the best way to reel in organic traffic, as you might already know. This way, you won’t have to spend regularly on ads. And you can achieve a better ranking when people find your content relevant, informative and interesting. That is exactly what happens when you include photos, videos or virtual tours in your website, blog and Google My Business listings. When more people interact with your content, search engines read it as better engagement and consider your site to be high-quality. This, in turn, leads to a better rank and more traffic.

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  3. Evokes curiosity and emotions – One of the biggest pros of visual marketing is that, it makes people curious and eager to know more. Action-oriented visual content formats, like virtual tours or videos are especially effective as they are immersive and realistic. They make your target audience feel, relate with your brand, understand your mission, and trust you. For instance, if you are promoting your school through a custom virtual tour, students and parents can explore it thoroughly and appreciate the fact that you are transparent. This can help you establish an emotional connection. Similarly, by watching videos or virtual tours of cafes, gyms, spas and such, people can find out more or decide whether they like a place or not.  

  4. Better brand recall and conversion – You might be surprised to know that visual content has been found to boost learning in students by 400%! Naturally, it’s a powerful tool for marketing businesses too. Since visual information can be processed faster and easily by the human brain, it is possible to recall product or service details with more clarity even after a few days or weeks. And the better this recall, the higher is the chance of a visitor coming back to your site to place an order or make a booking. In other words, better recall can translate to better conversion, which is your ultimate goal.

  5. Easy to share on social media – Another benefit of visual marketing is the ease with which visual content types can be shared on social media channels. Most people scroll their social feeds casually and notice posts or tweets that have images or videos. So, it is easier to connect with your brand’s followers this way and get them to share your visual content with others who might be interested too. Over time, it will boost your base of potential customers and website traffic.  

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What kind of visual content should you use?

While still images are widely used these days by almost all kinds of businesses, consumer preferences and behaviors are evolving. And to keep up with them as well as beat competition, you need something more powerful than just pictures. You need beautifully shot pictures, emotive videos or immersive virtual tours that tell a story and keep your potential customers coming back for more. Apart from your website, these can be shared via emails, social media channels, brochures and more.   

So, are you quite convinced about the advantages of visual marketing by now? Email us at to discuss your brand and specific needs and we will help you zero in on the best visual content types.

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Virtual Field Trips

5 Reasons Why Virtual Field Trips Will Be Popular In 2021

2020 has made it crystal clear that the world needs online education. Naturally, schools and colleges have had to shift from the conventional classroom teaching environment to virtual lessons. And to make them as interesting and effective as possible, many educational institutions are opting for virtual field trips. After all, reality-based learning is a major buzzword these days, so that students can relate their formal lessons with what actually goes on in the world. Moreover, since the pandemic is likely to make parents and students cautious about stepping outside unless absolutely essential, virtual trips can help students explore it all from home or school. No wonder it’s a win-win for both educational institutions and learners.

Here are some more benefits of teaching through virtual field trips in 2021:  

  1. Fun, appealing and engaging – Bright and beautiful images, realistic motions, great sound effects and even animation come together to make virtual field trips super fun and exciting. They grab eyeballs in seconds and boost student engagement. Students can understand and appreciate it all just like on an actual field trip, which keeps them focused. They can zoom in on a particular view or area, rotate an image in different directions and take their own sweet time to understand things.  

  2. Explore anything, anytime and from anywhere – This is a big reason why virtual field trips will steal the show in 2021. Students can not only take the trip from anywhere they want, but they can also explore the depths of the Pacific, the summit of Mount Everest, the museums in far-off countries and life on the Gobi Desert, without having to actually go. From planets, volcanoes, rainforests and mighty waterfalls, dangerous islands to art galleries, and national parks, they can see everything up close and learn in a manner that encourages better retention. Physical or geographical restrictions won’t matter in this case.   

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  3. Absolutely safe – Another major reason behind virtual field trips becoming popular is that, they are completely safe. No teacher or parent supervision is required. Plus, since everything is a virtual affair, no one risks having to get hurt or end up lost. Another advantage is that students won’t feel rushed in virtual field trips, as is often the case when an instructor takes them around. 

  4. Cost-effective and energy-saving – Taking students to a zoo, park, archeological site or one of the top museums can be expensive. It usually involves tickets, meals and transport costs. However, with virtual field trips, none of those costs will worry parents anymore. An internet connection is all that they will need. And instead of wasting their energy on chaperoning students, teachers will have more energy to take them through interesting facts and figures and address individual questions in a better way. In case the students involved have special abilities, it will be easier for teachers to guide them, make sure they understand and handle all their concerns.

  5. Can be customized as needed – Virtual field trips in 2021 will earn brownie points due to their ability to be customied. They can be aligned with your school’s lesson plan or syllabus, so that you can ensure maximum outcomes from students in terms of grades. Plus, quizzes and tests can be added in between or at the end to make the field trip more robust and effective. For example, a set of questions might be based on how the student hopes to apply what he or she learnt virtually in real life. 

By now, you probably have a fair idea why virtual field trips are going to be big in 2021. Engaging, interactive, budget-friendly, safe, and designed to improve learning outcomes, these trips will make your educational institution ready for the future. By embracing innovative technology, you will not only be able to keep students hooked, but you will also be able to convince parents of your progressive view. So, if you can’t wait to get started with some amazing virtual field trips, but not sure how to create them, send us an email at and we will get back to you soon.   

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Social distancing? Explore the World From Your Living Room with a 360 Virtual Tour

COVID-19 has disrupted life across the world. And if you’re staying home and practising social distancing, you’re one among millions right now. But just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make social distancing any easier. For those of us who thrive on travel and new experiences, this is a particularly challenging time. There’s only so much Netflix you can watch in a day.

Luckily, there’s a solution. If you’re missing out on those grand, surreal experiences that usually only come with travel, 360 virtual tours can be a great substitute. Built on the same technology that powers Google Maps, these virtual tours can take you into an incredibly immersive experience— and from the comfort of your living room!

For the museum geeks

If you’re the kind of person whose idea of the perfect day is getting lost for hours in a museum, check out the Google Arts & Culture tours. From the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to the Van Gogh Museum to the Guggenheim and even the Louvre, these virtual tours are incredibly immersive. With state-of-the-art 360 photography, you can now see the Mona Lisa, the Raft of the Medusa, and all these legendary paintings up-close and personal. What’s more, you don’t even have it wait in long queues or jostle through crowds of tourists!

Looking to rest in nature?

Google Earth allows you to access virtual tours of 32 national parks, from Acadia to Zion. From incredible views of the Grand Canyon, Alaska’s Kenai Fjords, and Bryce Canyon in Utah, to guided journeys through Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and Hawaii’s volcanos, there are thrills galore. So if you’re really missing being in nature and surrounded by scenic greenery and breathtaking views here’s your shot.

Choose from the list of flagged locations of different parks or use the list on the right-hand side of the screen to go to the park that you want. You’ll immediately be zoomed down into the park and you can scroll around the screen to get wonderful 360-degree views. Maybe you can even plan your first post-Corona trip!

Travel through time

When it comes to ancient cities steeped in culture and history, it doesn’t get much better than Jerusalem’s Old City. You can take a fabulous tour of the city— complete with the Israel Museum, the Church of Saint Anne, and a number of holy sites. Once you’ve had your fill of Jerusalem, you can move on to Tel Aviv and check out the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Take a deep dive

If you want an even bigger thrill, try exploring the ocean floor. Thanks to virtual dives from the National Marine Sanctuaries, you can check out a range of areas — from the Florida Keys to American Samoa. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has also teamed up with Google Street View and provides underwater views from around the world— from Australia to the Philippines to Mexico to Bermuda.

Get that campus experience

Were you planning on going on some college tours in the summer? Given how widespread the pandemic is, this may not be possible. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to explore potential college campuses through virtual tours. These tours give a fairly in-depth understanding of what the campus is really like, helping you make the right choice.

If you’ve already got into college, this might be a great opportunity to watch the virtual tour of your college of choice with your friends and family. If you’re an alumnus, this is probably the perfect time to sit down with your college buddies (virtually of course) and watch your alma mater’s virtual tour altogether. Nothing beats the social distancing blues like a great trip down memory lane.

The bottom line

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean disengagement. There are still ways to experience all that’s beautiful in our world — even if we can’t go outside right this moment. Exploring the wonderful universe of virtual tours and all that they have to offer is a great place to begin. 

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