College Virtual Tours

College Campus Virtual Tours are an effective way to let prospective students discover more about your campus and all the things it has to offer. The time and money spent on travelling often make it difficult for prospective students to tour more than a few, select campuses in real life. Which is why having a college virtual tour can give prospective applicants a live, engaging and immersive experience and it can also give your college an edge over others. In the long run, this can lead to impressive outcomes — especially in terms of high conversion rates for applications and subsequent enrollments.

Not only do college virtual tours help grab eyeballs when it comes to prospective students, but they’re also perfect for approaching alumni and potential funders and convincing them to make a contribution. Having a cutting-edge virtual college tour is an invaluable marketing tool on many levels— it signals that you’re willing to embrace advanced technology while also showcasing your brand in an exclusive way.



College Campus Virtual Tours Services

Innovative technology


We use the most cutting-edge tools to make sure that you get nothing but a state-of-the-art college virtual tour — complete with rich media, video content, and guided tours.



We assess your specific needs as an institution carefully and design your tour as per that. Each college campus virtual tour that we create is unlike any other, since we keep in mind the things that make you exclusive.

Quick turnaround


We can put together a custom college virtual tour for you in a matter of 6-8 weeks. So, if you’re looking for a cutting-edge solution in a very short time period, we’ve got you covered.

Outcome-based approach


We understand that a virtual tour is only as effective as the results it delivers. This is why we design our virtual reality college tours keeping your metrics in mind — whether that’s an increase in inquiries, diversity, physical campus visits, or conversion rates for applications and enrollment.

Features of College Virtual Tours



We make sure that the virtual college tour can be viewed conveniently via all kinds of devices. So, users can view the tour on their phones and tablets when they’re on the move, or enjoy an immersive big-screen experience on their desktop and laptop when they are at home.

Panoramic views


We believe that the campus tour is only successful if it helps you achieve business outcomes— you will be able to monitor the tour’s traffic and other metrics with period reports sent directly to you.

Virtual Reality


We use innovative tools like Google Cardboard to give users with VR headsets the ultimate virtual reality experience — in-depth, immersive, and life-like.



We provide you with timely analytics reports to make sure that the college campus virtual tour is actually helping you achieve the right business outcomes.

Locational information


There’s a live tour version available for students who physically visit the campus. They can use their smartphones to generate location-specific information while taking the physical tour..

Dynamic tours


Our college virtual tours allow you to integrate existing marketing assets (including video and media content) and create a more complete, holistic experience.

Benefits of College Campus Tours

More organic coverage


When your virtual reality college tour is immersive and interesting, viewers are likely to share it on their social media channels, giving you the exposure you need, without trying too hard.

Youth focused


A virtual tour is especially appealing to your target audience, who are mostly late millennials or Gen-Zers.

Ownership of the content


All the panoramic photography that we create will be entirely owned by the college, so that you have a strong marketing asset for the future.

SEO advantage


All the college virtual tour content will be hosted in the Google database and stored in the Google Knowledge Graph. This will give you a significant advantage when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Fund-raising efforts


Creating a virtual tour that caters to donors and your alumni is a smart way to raise funds for the College. It allows them to revisit the golden memories associated with their campus while also highlighting the improvements that have been made over the years.

Complete Business Listing Status


You will get one important step closer towards complete business listing when you approach us for a virtual reality college tour. That’s because you will have an official GSVI (Google Street View Inside) virtual tour— a major advantage for any kind of online discovery.

Create a better orientation process


Having a virtual tour can give you that added edge when you’re designing an orientation program for new students.

Incorporate dynamic Google-generated content


With the help of our virtual college tour, you can integrate Google generated content with the college website as well as social media pages.

Choose Us for University Campus Tours Too

With an engaging, immersive and interactive university campus tour, you can drive more prospective students to apply and choose your university over others. Crafted using the latest in technology, university campus tours provide a holistic view of your university as well as all the relevant information that can help a student decide. 

University Campus Tour Services

Our virtual university campus tours are created using advanced tools, to ensure a seamless viewing experience. We customize them as per your specific needs and that too within 6-8 weeks. Plus, we keep your business goals in mind while putting together the perfect tour that can drive conversions, diversify the student base or boost inquiries.

Features and Benefits of University Campus Tours

Not only are our university campus tours easy to view on all types of devices, they offer the freedom to access information from anywhere, anytime. Through aerial 360 panoramic photos that cover both the interiors and exteriors of your university, we create virtual tours that are stunning. Our analytics reports help you decide whether the tour is meeting your marketing goals or not.


As our university campus tours are easy to share on social media, you benefit from greater exposure and get to attract the right leads from the millennial or Gen Z generations. Our university campus tours are optimized to boost your rank on search engines and power up your GMB listing too. Once completed, the virtual tour is yours and can be easily integrated with your university website or social pages. They make it easy for you to design the orientation program for new students or even raise funds through the alumni or donors.

Have multiple locations? No problem.

We have photographers in every major city, allowing us to schedule & shoot your Google Business View 360° Tour anywhere!

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