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Does Your Business Need Google Street View? The Pro & Cons of Google Street View

In today’s world, a virtual tour is one of the most impactful and cost-effective marketing assets you can have. It allows prospective customers an immersive, in-depth view of your business which builds an incredible amount of trust and credibility while they’re evaluating whether to purchase your product or service.

This means that it’s important to offer potential customers the chance to take a virtual tour of your business. In fact, research says that businesses that have virtual tours have complete search listings and are 29% more likely to motivate a purchase.   Luckily, Google itself has all the tools you need to build that virtual tour.

What exactly is Google Street view?

It’s simple enough. Street View is a compilation of all the 360-degree panoramic photos that are used in Google Maps so that users can better understand the area/business that they are searching. These photos aren’t just the ones that have been uploaded by Google. Businesses can also click these panoramic photos and submit them to be uploaded and become a part of Google Street View.

Taken together, these panoramic photos provide a kind of virtual tour that helps customers understand your business better. In fact, businesses that have this 360-degree Street View as part of their listing are likely to get double the interest from potential customers.

Advantages of Google Street View

Google Street View can have a transformative impact when it comes to marketing your business more effectively. Here are some of its major advantages:

Build transparency and credibility

In a world where so many purchase decisions are made online, customers are looking for an experience that brings transparency and credibility. A Street View of Google virtual tour shows customers what your business is all about, taking them through all the little nooks and crannies. It’s a great way for customers to be able to put a vivid image to your business. It shows them you are happy to be upfront and let them into your inner space.

Helps in the purchase decision

Whether it’s an apartment that a prospective renter is looking at or a store that they want to visit, having a virtual tour helps them make that important decision. Getting an in-depth view of the physical location helps prospective customers decide whether they want to continue going through the sales funnel. What’s more, the people who do end up visiting the hotel/apartment/store are likely to be those who are extremely interested in the actual purchase, since they already have a good idea about the product.

Zero in on your target audience

Let’s say you’re a sports bar that caters specifically to Premier League fans. Having a virtual tour that shows off your Premier League Decor or showcases the live matches on your massive screen will go a long way in attracting local football fans to your bar.

Easy to share

A great Google Street View virtual tour provides an engaging, immersive experience. This lends itself to sharing in a big way. Let’s say you have a high-street fashion store that a bunch of customers just visited and found some great clothes. They would share the Street View with their friends so that others can also see what the store looks like and be tempted to go there. Or let’s say someone is planning their next travel and goes through a virtual tour of your hotel property. They might get so impressed that they share the tour on their social media so that more people in your target audience also get to see the Street View tour.

Cons of Google Street View

On the flip side, there are some concerns around privacy, over-sharing, and limited accuracy when it comes to Google Street View.

Having said that, the pros far outweigh the cons. Google Street View is slowly reaching maturity and businesses that adopt this technology and actively contribute to their virtual tours automatically have a strong competitive edge.

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