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Google Street View for Your Business – Pros Win Over Cons

Though launched way back in 2007, Google Street View is a technology that many businesses are yet to warm up to. So, if you too are wondering why Google Street View can be good for you or whether you really need to use it, this article will give you some great insights. You are probably aware that these days, pictures sell way more than plain words, and customers like to “see” what your business is all about rather than just “read” about it, before making taking a step towards the actual purchase. And this is where Google Street View can come in super handy, especially if you have listed your business on Google. Read on to know why.

Understanding Google Street View

Given that most businesses, both big and small, show up on Google Maps nowadays, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out why those with pictures get more traffic or enquiries than those without. The images work best when they are 360-degree or panoramic.

And when such panoramic images are connected or compiled, they become Street View. So, the biggest advantage of Google Street View is that it is like a virtual tour, immersive, honest and realistic. It can help potential customers know your business better, inside out.

Still, it makes sense to know more about a technology before you decide to embrace it. So, here you go.


  • Builds customer trust – Withmore people shopping for things or making bookings online than ever before, it is natural for them to go with a business that is transparent and credible. And what better way to ensure that than with Google Street View? A collection of authentic images that reveals every nook and cranny of your venture is sure to forge a connection of trust with viewers. For example, if you run an organic café in a great location and share images of the approach, dishes, ingredients or even the organic crockery and cutlery you use, it will bring in more people than a café that lacks visual marketing.

  • Attracts the right audience – Another major advantage of Google Street View is that it can target the kind of audience you have in mind. Say, for instance, you have a boutique store that sells funky maternity clothes. By creating Street View of the same, you can bring in all expecting and fashion-conscious women in the locality and boost actual sales figures.

  • Drives the desire to buy – Since customerswant their money’s worth whether they are heading to a hardware store or booking a romantic night at an upscale hotel, they want as much information as possible in advance. So, by offering them Street Views, which are like virtual tours, you can help them make an informed choice, or guide them from the consideration stage to the purchase stage.

  • Makes sharing easy – Google Street Views are exciting, informative and lifelike, which means if your target customers like what they see, they will share it with others too. It is a great way to improve online visibility or brand awareness in the digital age. Street Views are easy to share across mobile devices and social media platforms as well, and appeal to the millennials especially. Say, your college has amazing residence halls, a massive library, a swanky pool or a state-of-the-art laboratory. Street View can highlight it all beautifully and encourage students to consume the information and share it too.   

Google Street View Pros and Cons


If you are wondering about the disadvantages of Google Street View, there are hardly any. Only a few complaints have cropped up now and then about excess sharing, privacy concerns, and lack of accuracy. However, if you are weighing pros and cons of Google Street View, pros outweigh the cons by a massive margin. By adopting this technology, you can give your business the visual marketing edge it needs to bring in more traffic and revenues. To get started with Street View, just shoot an email to and we will get back to you with the best solution possible.

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