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7 Step checklist for creating a hotel virtual tour

When you are marketing your hotel, the most important thing you should focus on is how to convince potential guests to pick you over others. And virtual tours can help you with that. Promising an interactive, immersive and engaging experience, virtual tours give you a competitive edge easily. However, if you want your tour to attract customers quickly, build their trust, impress them, and lead them towards booking, you need to follow this comprehensive hotel virtual tour checklist

  1. Get the gadgets in place – This is one of the top hotel virtual tour tips. A 360 degree camera is ideal for capturing panoramic shots, something that you need to stitch the tour together. Moreover, such cameras ensure high resolution photos and great quality audio. Or, if you are on a slightly tight budget, using a smartphone with a fish-eye lens (adaptable kind) can help. These have ultra-wide angles and can create panoramic images. And of course, a tripod is vital, since it makes the shooting experience easy. 

  2. Focus on the timing and lighting – Light (both natural and artificial) determines the quality of photos to a large extent. And if you wish to shoot in natural light, timing is key. For instance, shooting in the middle of the day means the harsh sunlight will make the natural color of things seem lighter. Or, too much light can make important details inconspicuous. Right before sunset is the best time for outdoor photos, like in the garden or near the pool.

  3. Identify strategic spots – Don’t miss this step when you are busy withyour hotel’s virtual tour preparation. To grab your prospective customer’s attention in seconds and keep them hooked, highlight the most attractive areas. Rooms (especially the luxury ones), the lobby, the restaurant and bar, the pool and the spa area might be your top picks. You can even highlight special architectural details, the garden, the gym, or the views from the terrace or balconies.

  4. Include comments where needed – To make the virtual tour more informational and valuable, add comments or descriptions in relevant places. For instance, you might wish to mention the specials being served by your hotel restaurant or the attractive discounts available on spa or beauty packages. You might also want to include information on the activities you host or the events for which you lease out your banquet hall.

  5. Get rid of clutter and clean – The checklist for hotel virtual tour preparationis incomplete withouta tip onde-cluttering and thorough cleaning. So, stash away cords and wires, remove boxes, check all furniture pieces and accessories for stains and dirt, and make sure that windows and doors are sparkling. Curtains should be drawn before the shoot. Remove or replace broken or frayed objects.

  6. Stage it right – Beforeshootingany part of your hotel, make sure it looks appealing and impresses the eye. This is where staging comes into the picture. Basically, you can introduce beautiful artworks, lamps or cushions and rugs to create the feel you want. This is counted among the hotel virtual tour best practices. Make sure to keep the décor neutral and avoid seasonal elements associated with Christmas or Halloween, for example.  

  7. Keep the outdoors in shipshape – Before taking outdoor shots, make sure that your hotel looks attractive and there are no distractions in the form of vehicles or trash cans. The pathways, lawns or gardens should be absolutely clean and in good shape. Get all green areas trimmed or landscaped before the shoot.

To wrap up, this hotel virtual tour checklist can come in extremely handy if you want to do the job yourself. However, you might want a professional touch and not stress about getting the right photography equipment or purchasing any software. In that case, simply shoot us an email at

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