Hotel Virtual Tours

In the age of Instagram, regular hotel photos are passe. The only way to get your property to truly stand-out is with a state-of-the-art, interactive virtual tour for hotels and resorts. This will allow you to showcase your property in a way that attracts prospective customers— from in-depth room tours to highlighting the most stunning aspects of your resort.

Hotel virtual tours aren’t just for individual customers who want to stay at your property. It’s also for organizations that want to host meetings and conferences. Our virtual tour will give them a panoramic view of all your halls and meeting spaces, allowing them to visualize their event in the best possible ways. Praying for walk-ins or being inundated with bookings through the year — that’s the difference a good virtual tour can make.

Hotels and Resorts Virtual Tours Services

Customized brand experience


Interactive hotel virtual tours are a great way to present your brand identity to the world. They enhance your social media efforts by delivering an incredible visual communication experience. Not only panoramic photos but resort virtual tours also integrate all kinds of marketing collateral and direct calls-to-action. You can integrate logos, colours, fonts, videos, and messaging — providing a unique brand experience.

360 Panoramic Photography


We use high-quality panoramic photography, together with cutting-edge post-processing methods. This ensures that we can portray the unique aspects of your location in the best possible way— from highlighting important areas of the room to unique design features. We use panoramic photography to provide the most immersive experience possible.

Mobile-ready and Responsive


Our hotel and resort virtual tours are powered by HTML 5 technology, ensuring that they’re completely responsive, and can be viewed across platforms. Whether it’s desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones; the experience is as immersive as ever. We also ensure that the tour can be viewed offline, and on Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems..

Hotels and Resorts Virtual Tours Features

Integrate the Floorplan


Our hotel virtual tours allow users to see an interactive floor plan, giving them a complete idea about the area. We also use unique wayfinding features — aerial views, interact hotspots, and radar orientation— to enhance the experience.

Seamless User Experience


Our virtual tours allow users to auto-scan as well as manually tour a series of rooms. The seamless navigation also allows for an easy transition from one area to another — the tour is aided by easy directional icons.

Integration with social media pages


You can share or post the virtual tour on your social media pages — you can also provide an integrated link of the tour on your social media. You can use our one-click sharing feature to really leverage social media to share your tour and find a new audience..

Marketing collateral


By integrating interactive hotspots, you can showcase a host of marketing assets on one single interactive, shareable platform — from videos and images to downloadable brochures.

Benefits of Hotels and Resorts Virtual Tours

Find your target audience


Our clients report much higher conversion rates after integrating virtual tours— they see a huge increase in the calls, emails, and other enquiries. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and get booked much in advance. You no longer have to rely on walk-ins and last minute bookings.

Connect with tech-savvy users


More and more customers (especially millennials) are using the internet as their primary source for travel bookings. Having an immersive, cutting-edge virtual tour is likely to make you their go-to option.

SEO Advantage


The content from the hotel virtual tour will be stored in the Google Knowledge Graph, and hosted in the Google database. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this gives you an automatic advantage.

Organic exposure


With an immersive resort virtual tour, viewers will end up sharing screenshots on their social media channels. This will result in automatic exposure for your hotel. .

Ownership of Content


You will end up owning the entire panoramic photography, which represents a valuable long-term asset for your business.

Have multiple locations? No problem.

We have photographers in every major city, allowing us to schedule & shoot your Google Business View 360° Tour anywhere!

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