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Customized Virtual Tours

5 Reasons Why You Need Customized Virtual Tours

In a world where both small and big businesses have started fighting for the consumer’s attention with virtual tours (yes, these realistic and immersive tours are catching on fast), it makes sense to take your game up a notch. And for that, you need customized virtual tours, which are crafted especially for your business and goals. These tours highlight specific strengths of your venture or establishment just the way you want and everything from the script and lighting to angles, icons and layouts are planned as per your needs. Whether you are running an educational institution, a restaurant, a hotel or a gym, custom virtual tours can be your ticket to success. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. They grab attention fast – Be it your website, blog or social media pages, if they can’t hook your potential customer quickly, you will experience low traffic or a high bounce rate. And that won’t be good for your business. But with a customized virtual tour, you can resolve this problem smartly. The moment someone sees such a tour, they become curious to know more and end up exploring your business. In any case, visuals stick to the human brain better than just text, and virtual tours are the best form of visuals you can use. 

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  2. They build credibility – If you want to get more website traffic and engage with your potential customers, custom Google virtual tours are the way to go. They dive deep into your business, highlight even nooks and crannies, and show viewers what it is really like to visit your shop, café, college or hotel. In other words, they build trust through transparency. For instance, if you run a steak joint, a customized virtual tour can highlight showcase your décor, kitchen, dishes, ingredients, lighting and even the cutlery. Or if you rent out a ballroom for weddings and parties, your tour can highlight the beautiful carpeting, chandeliers, furniture, drapes and so on. This way, prospective clients will know you have nothing to hide.   

  3. They help make decisions – One of the best aspects of customized virtual tours for businesses is that they help viewers to make easy comparisons, weigh the pros and cons of doing business with you, and make an informed decision. For example, an university that has a virtual tour on its website (showcasing everything from green lawns and beautiful buildings to bright lecture halls, a swanky library and a crystal clear pool) will get more brownie points than one that lacks a virtual tour and has only text or still images on its site. The same goes for say, a fashion outlet. If someone can check out what all you offer from the comfort of their home (by taking a virtual tour of your shelves), they will be more likely to visit your store instead of one that only lists down their products in text.    
  4. They encourage sharing – Custom virtual tours are usually designed with social media share buttons or you can simply add the tour link at the end of your signature when you are sending out marketing emails. You can send the link through modern messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat as well. Since these tours are easy to share, if your potential customers like what they see, they will end up spreading the word in their circle of friends too. And this will lead to better brand awareness and website traffic.  

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  5. They give you that competitive edge – As mentioned already, custom virtual tours bring you more traffic, leads and convert prospective customers into paying ones. They help you rank higher on the Google search results page as well, especially when optimized with the right keywords. They improve the relevance, usefulness and interest quotient of your content, which search engines value. Plus, by adding a virtual tour to your Google My Business listing, you can get more local customers to click on it or visit your business. So, if your competitors are yet to tap the power of virtual tours, this is the best time for you to get ahead of them.

By now, you know how customized virtual tours can help you in ways nothing else can. So, why wait to get started? Shoot us an email at and we will get back to you to discuss your objectives and craft a smashing tour in no time.  

Virtual Tours for campus

5 Reasons Why 360 Virtual Tours are a Must for Campus Marketing

Anyone dabbling with modern-age marketing knows that ‘seeing is believing’ for customers. So, if you are looking for brilliant campus marketing ideas, know that this proverb holds true here as well. This is the reason why so many institutions have started using 360 virtual tours to bring in more students or boost enrolment. These are way more effective than still images or the usual videos you knew about till now. Reason? Well, they are super realistic, immersive, interactive and engaging. So, if you are still not sure whether you should go for these tours to market your campus, here are 5 reasons that will convince you.

  1. Better visibility – The biggest benefit of virtual tour campus marketing is that it improves your brand awareness significantly. Why? By incorporating a virtual tour on your website and business listings, you stand a good chance of ranking higher on Google. That is because, more people will find your content relevant and useful, and the click-through rate will shoot up. Plus, when prospective students spend more time on your site while taking the tour, Google will consider your site to be rich in information. Gradually, your local search rank will go up.

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  2. Easy to share – After creating a virtual college tour, you can not only share it on your website, but also on your social media pages and even marketing emails. It is also easy to circulate the link to your tour through messaging apps. Plus, when students like what they see, they can easily re-share the tour with their peers or parents. This leads to better visibility, brand awareness and even recall.    

  3. Smarter decision-making – The thing about virtual tours is that they help give potential applicants a clear picture about your college, be it about the aesthetics, design, programs, faculty, extracurricular activities, or facilities. You can highlight the best aspects of your institution through college virtual tour marketing, be it a swanky library, beautifully manicured lawns, spotless residence halls, state of the art lecture rooms or something else. Plus, you can include snippets of past students talking about why they love your college and how it has helped them bag a great job offer or a famous sports scholarship. All these nuggets of information can help a prospective student make a decision or pick you over others.  

  4. Saves money and time – There is no doubt about the fact that the current pandemic has made it almost impossible to make in-person visits even if students want to explore their dream colleges up close. Safety is at a huge risk here. Luckily, 360 virtual tours make up amazingly well for physical visits and make the experience as normal as possible for applicants. However, even if the pandemic was not in the picture, it can be challenging for many students to spend a lot of money or time to visit multiple colleges individually and compare them. Virtual tours address these pain points effectively and let them find out all about your college from the comfort of their home, for free.  

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  5. Lends competitive edge – 360 virtual tours campus marketing is also a wonderful way to stay ahead of your competition, especially if they are not yet doing it. When you offer potential students something so exciting and visual, they won’t have to consume and process a lot of plain text or mundane information. And this will help them when they are on the go too. By inserting powerful calls to action buttons like “Apply Now”, “Contact a Student Guide”, “Schedule a visit” and such, you can drive more conversions too and make sure that more students try your college rather than others. Also, 360 tours are a great way to connect with Gen Z and show them that you are aware of their preferences and can meet their needs perfectly.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to put together an information-rich and super engaging college virtual tour that attracts and converts. Email us at if you need some guidance or a professional touch.

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College virtual tours

5 Ways Virtual Tours Can Power Up Your Campus Recruitment Strategy

With the second wave of COVID hitting the world hard, it has become crucial for colleges to do everything creative they can to power up their student recruitment plans without compromising safety or convenience. Naturally, virtual tours for campus recruitment is the way to go if you want a win-win strategy. Since in-person visits and college fairs are simply out of the question, with the pandemic still on, it pays to invest in a marketing tool that is innovative, immersive, very Gen Z and simple. So, read on about how virtual tours can give you great results during the recruitment season.  

  1. Show that you care – In the wake of the pandemic, a smart campus recruitment strategy is to show prospective students that you care. And by putting up a virtual tour on your website and social media pages, you can show how you take social distancing, isolation and safety seriously. Plus, students from anywhere can access these tours without having to waste time on visiting your college physically or spend a lot of money on such travels. Using virtual tours to market your institution also shows that you are in sync with what the new generation wants and prefers, as they are way more tech-savvy than their parents and grandparents.
  2. Get more visibility and traffic – Campus recruitment through visual media like virtual tours can boost your website’s rank on Google. Why? Because people tend to click more on sites that have visually attractive content. Plus, if the tour is optimized for search engines and features on your Google My Business listing, it will get more visibility and traffic. Google will read this as relevance and rank your site higher than competing colleges.  

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  3. Get better engagement and conversion – College virtual tours, being immersive and exciting, usually encourage students to stick around on your site for longer and explore everything in detail. And the longer they stay, the higher is the chance of engagement. Greater engagement also translates to more conversions. The fact that everything about your campus, from the manicured lawns and bright lecture halls to the swanky gym and cozy library, seems real, helps the student make an informed decision.  
  4. Help spread the word fast – One of the top campus recruitment tips is to get the word out about why your college is special, fast, and virtual tours can do just that. They hook potential applicants in seconds, give them a fair idea about what you offer and why, and are easy to share on social media channels. In fact, you can include a link to your tour when you send emails to both students and their parents. If they like what they see, they will simply share your virtual tour link in their circle and get you more exposure in the process. Plus, “seeing” what your institution is all about is way faster and simpler than going through a lot of text on your website.
  5. Show that you are different from others – Using virtual tours for campus recruitment is a wise choice because it lets you highlight what’s unique or different about your college. After all, every other higher education institution is vying for the attention of the same students. With a virtual tour, you can give prospective applicants a chance to find out about your highly qualified faculty, or exclusive majors, super clean residence halls (the pandemic has made safety extra important), placement cell (you can include snippets of past students who bagged great jobs), student support groups, scholarships, community life and more, in detail. You can showcase impressive figures, glowing testimonials and track records in a stylish way.    

So, what are you waiting for? Give your campus recruitment strategy an extra edge with virtual tours that connect deeply, evoke the right emotions, guide a potential applicant’s journey and get you more enrolment. Not sure how to get started? Connect with us at

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custom virtual tours for schools

5 Ways Custom Virtual Tours Can Give Schools a Whole New Edge during COVID

Empty school grounds are one of the many reminders of how life-changing the COVID pandemic has been. However, like many other businesses, schools are brainstorming and coming up with ways to boost applications and admissions once normalcy sets in. And 360 virtual tours are one of the best digital marketing strategies for them in this context. These custom virtual tours are eye-catching, information-rich and allow both students and parents to explore a school’s length and breadth from the comfort and safety of their homes. Here are more reasons why custom virtual tours for schools will be essential in 2021: 

  1. Connect better with website visitors or social media followers – Virtual tours are immersive and realistic in nature, and when created professionally, can be bright and attractive. So, when you add them to your school’s website or social media pages, you are likely to get more engagement from prospective students and their parents. They will tend to spend more time on your sites as well, which can lead to more queries or applications. In other words, the conversion rate will shoot up on adding custom virtual tours to school websites.

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  2. Showcase what is unique about your school – 360 tours give you the unique opportunity to highlight all the best things about your school, be it a sunny cafeteria, vibrant playground, beautiful garden or sparkling white classrooms. In the wake of the pandemic, you might also want to showcase your health aid facilities and what measures you are taking to maintain social distancing and hygiene. So, one of the benefits of custom virtual tours for schools is that they help you to stand out from others and drive the decision-making process of potential students or their parents. 

  3. Create more awareness and rank higher on Google – Apart from your website and social media pages, you can add virtual tours to your Google My Business listing as well giving it a bump in its SEO ranking. This will get you more clicks from students near you. And when Google spots that, it will rank you higher than others in local search results. Naturally, this will boost awareness about your school and your site will get more traffic. Plus, 360 virtual tours are easy to share, which means students can easily let their peers know about your school if they like what they see. 

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  4. Give easy access to information – The need of custom virtual tours for schools becomes especially evident when students and parents want to gather all the information they can, but cannot step outside or travel. So, in the middle of this pandemic, you can do your bit by offering them informative virtual tours that are easy to navigate and combine images, videos and text. This way, they can zoom in and take a closer look wherever they want, jump to different areas of the school without having to follow any particular sequence, and even get in touch with admission authorities to get their doubts cleared. You can also embed a VR button in the tour for those who want to enjoy a more live experience with their VR headsets.  

  5. Earn trust and make them comfortable – Using custom virtual tours for schools in COVID is agreat way to earn the trust of potential students, their families, and maintain transparency. It will help them visualize how your school environment will feel like, in reality. Moreover, these tours can lend a professional and progressive touch to your online presence, thereby building credibility. Even before students or parents pay an actual visit, they will know what to expect or enquire about.

To wrap up, the benefits of custom virtual tours for schools are many and extremely relevant in the wake of COVID. By adding these to your website, you can show how much you care about the student community and want to make their lives easier. What better way to market your institution than by leveraging goodwill, while you let digital technology take care of engagement and conversions? So, to create a virtual tour that steals the show, shoot us an email at  

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Virtual Field Trips

5 Reasons Why Virtual Field Trips Will Be Popular In 2021

2020 has made it crystal clear that the world needs online education. Naturally, schools and colleges have had to shift from the conventional classroom teaching environment to virtual lessons. And to make them as interesting and effective as possible, many educational institutions are opting for virtual field trips. After all, reality-based learning is a major buzzword these days, so that students can relate their formal lessons with what actually goes on in the world. Moreover, since the pandemic is likely to make parents and students cautious about stepping outside unless absolutely essential, virtual trips can help students explore it all from home or school. No wonder it’s a win-win for both educational institutions and learners.

Here are some more benefits of teaching through virtual field trips in 2021:  

  1. Fun, appealing and engaging – Bright and beautiful images, realistic motions, great sound effects and even animation come together to make virtual field trips super fun and exciting. They grab eyeballs in seconds and boost student engagement. Students can understand and appreciate it all just like on an actual field trip, which keeps them focused. They can zoom in on a particular view or area, rotate an image in different directions and take their own sweet time to understand things.  

  2. Explore anything, anytime and from anywhere – This is a big reason why virtual field trips will steal the show in 2021. Students can not only take the trip from anywhere they want, but they can also explore the depths of the Pacific, the summit of Mount Everest, the museums in far-off countries and life on the Gobi Desert, without having to actually go. From planets, volcanoes, rainforests and mighty waterfalls, dangerous islands to art galleries, and national parks, they can see everything up close and learn in a manner that encourages better retention. Physical or geographical restrictions won’t matter in this case.   

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  3. Absolutely safe – Another major reason behind virtual field trips becoming popular is that, they are completely safe. No teacher or parent supervision is required. Plus, since everything is a virtual affair, no one risks having to get hurt or end up lost. Another advantage is that students won’t feel rushed in virtual field trips, as is often the case when an instructor takes them around. 

  4. Cost-effective and energy-saving – Taking students to a zoo, park, archeological site or one of the top museums can be expensive. It usually involves tickets, meals and transport costs. However, with virtual field trips, none of those costs will worry parents anymore. An internet connection is all that they will need. And instead of wasting their energy on chaperoning students, teachers will have more energy to take them through interesting facts and figures and address individual questions in a better way. In case the students involved have special abilities, it will be easier for teachers to guide them, make sure they understand and handle all their concerns.

  5. Can be customized as needed – Virtual field trips in 2021 will earn brownie points due to their ability to be customied. They can be aligned with your school’s lesson plan or syllabus, so that you can ensure maximum outcomes from students in terms of grades. Plus, quizzes and tests can be added in between or at the end to make the field trip more robust and effective. For example, a set of questions might be based on how the student hopes to apply what he or she learnt virtually in real life. 

By now, you probably have a fair idea why virtual field trips are going to be big in 2021. Engaging, interactive, budget-friendly, safe, and designed to improve learning outcomes, these trips will make your educational institution ready for the future. By embracing innovative technology, you will not only be able to keep students hooked, but you will also be able to convince parents of your progressive view. So, if you can’t wait to get started with some amazing virtual field trips, but not sure how to create them, send us an email at and we will get back to you soon.   

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Virtual Reality in Education

Using Virtual Reality in Education Has Many Benefits

There was a time when understanding how a generator works or how the human body digests food seemed either complex or boring, thanks (or, no thanks) to the traditional classroom environment. Lectures were uninspired and keeping students interested was a colossal task. These days though, virtual reality in education is changing things for the better. From making complex concepts clear and providing students with an immersive experience to fuelling their imagination, VR has a ton of benefits to offer.

  1. Instant engagement guaranteed–One of the biggest benefits of virtual reality in education is that, it hooks students in an instant through bright and attractive imagery. Unlike plain text or conventional lessons plans, VR makes students more attentive as it mimics the experience they usually enjoy on smart devices. Plus, by using virtual reality while teaching, you can boost student participation and improve their responses and reflexes.

  2. Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime – Another major plus of using virtual reality for education is that students can access the course material from anywhere and anytime. Even before the pandemic, many students were unable to pursue what they wanted just because their choice of school or college was too far or the costs of living on campus were too expensive. VR can change all of that. Even in schools for children with special needs, virtual reality can make the learning process easier and more interesting.

  3. Complex concepts become simple–Since VR helps students to visualize real life scenarios in a safe manner, it is perfect for teaching them things like first aid, how to fix a car, what to do in case of a fire, and so on. Students pursuing degrees in medicine, chemistry, or mechanics can learn about complex concepts in a simple and engaging way, without putting anyone at risk. One of the top benefits of virtual reality is that it gives them an immersive and interactive experience, which helps them understand how things work, cause and effect, and minute details of any living or non-living matter. 

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  4. Fun with zero distraction – There is no doubt about the fact that learning through VR is a fun-filled experience, thanks to all the colors, visuals and realistic movements. So, while students easily get distracted when learning passively or through textbooks, VR keeps them focused and engaged. They develop an interest to find out more, retain the knowledge better, and even understand how to apply what they learn. One of the benefits of virtual reality in education is also that it encourages students to become more social. When they learn in a fun way together, they tend to share their experience and excitement, which leads to better classroom bonding.

  5. Time and space travel becomes possible –With virtual reality, exploring the vastness of space and chilly depths of oceans can become a piece of cake for students. They can sit in the classroom and gasp at how beautiful the rings of Saturn look or how dangerous piranhas can be! By introducing virtual reality in education, you can make it possible for students to travel in time and discover how the world was like in Ice Age or what it might look like 100 years from now.

  6. Visualizing future careers becomes easy–High school or college students these days care a lot about what their future might look like. This means, before deciding what field to pursue, they want to know if they will fit in and if a particular career path will make their dreams come true. And with virtual reality, it is possible to give them an idea about what a day looks like for doctors, engineers, scientists, writers, fashion designers, fire fighters or trainers. Creating virtual tours of an office, institution or factory is also a great way to give students a taste of the professional world.

To wrap up, the benefits of virtual reality in the field of education are many. Especially, in the wake of the pandemic, VR is the way to go to make lessons interesting, easy, interactive and accessible. So, if you need a bit of expert guidance to create awesome virtual reality stories or tours, shoot us a mail at

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college virtual tours

6 Reasons Why Colleges Need Virtual Tours to Attract Students In 2020

Around 1.4 million people viewed college campus virtual tours between March and April in 2020 (as per YouVisit). This alone shows how important these tours are as digital marketing tools. Long gone are the days when prospective students or their parents went through college brochures or visited every single campus on their list to make a decision. Moreover, the recent pandemic has forced colleges to restrict in-person visits for the sake of students’ safety. Hence, you need an impressive online presence to attract students. And there’s nothing better than virtual tours to help you with that.

Wondering why? Read on.

  1. Highlights the best and unique aspects of your campus – Whether you have a beautiful lawn, state of the art library, funky cafeteria or an amazing location, a custom college virtual tour can showcase all that in the best light. This way, students can quickly zero in on what’s special about your college and why they should choose you over others.
  2. Saves cost, time and hassle – Apart from keeping prospective students safe during this pandemic, virtual tours let them explore your campus without travelling long distances or wasting time. Students get to save money and energy too.  

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  3. Offers students a familiar and personal experience – The best part about custom college virtual tours is they help students visualize themselves on your campus. Candidates can explore all nooks and crannies, become familiar with what will become their home for the next four years.
  4. Tells a story – Virtual tours for colleges are a brilliant way to spin a compelling story about your institution’s history, milestones and achievements. For instance, students will prefer seeing impressive statistics during the virtual tour (like number of medals won when you are showing the sports arena or the percentage of students who got placed last year) rather than read about them in the form of plain text on the website.
  5. Easy to embed on website and social media channels – When you create a custom virtual tour for students, you create a marketing resource that can be used across different channels for years to come. You can embed these tours on your website and also share on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. This means, you will get more traffic and leads without spending money on ads. It’s a smart way to boost brand awareness and generate interest. Plus, those who watch these virtual tours can share them with others quickly without your intervention.

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  6. Earns trust and helps you stand out from competitors – Virtual tours tell prospective students that your college has nothing to hide and you are proud of your offerings. This, in turn, earns their trust. Also, by adding a virtual tour to your Google My Business listing, you can make your college stand out from others. It will make you easier to find on Google when local students search for a college like yours. Additionally, having a virtual tour will mean that you are aware of the latest trends and this will attract students in 2020.   

To wrap up, custom college campus virtual tours are your best bet, whether it is about spreading awareness or generating the right leads or getting more applications. All you need to do is create a tour that is interactive, immersive, premium quality and exclusive. And if you need a bit of expert help, shoot us an email at  

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4 Best Practices to Create Successful Virtual Tours in Higher Education

Thanks to the intense competition online businesses face these days (with every small and big brand vying for customer attention), it isn’t surprising that many of them are using virtual tours to gain a competitive edge. And it’s not just hotels, gyms and spas that are using these 360 degree tours to attract and engage potential customers. Higher education institutes like colleges and universities have also adopted these tours to bring in more applications and make the students’ online experience better. Moreover, the COVID outbreak made it essential for colleges to replace in-person campus visits with virtual tours for introduction and orientation. In fact, close to 1.4 million people watched campus virtual tours on YouVisit from March to April this year.

However, with so many virtual tours for education out there, you need to follow these best practices, to stand out and convince students to choose you over others:    

  1. Tell a story – Did you know that the average age of those who take virtual tours of colleges is 16.6? This means, they are at that juncture of life when they have plenty of dreams as well as questions, and they are keen to know if your college will take care of them and nurture their ambitions. So, your virtual tour should clearly tell them why you are unique as an institution and better than others. It might be your awesome location, beautiful campus, great recreational facilities, vast library or the exclusive courses you offer. Here is how the Art Institute of Vancouver nailed it.
  2. Focus on the basics – No matter how wonderful your college virtual tour is, it won’t engage with students unless it is easy to find and navigate. So, have it on the Home page of your website or on the Admissions page. The tour should load quickly but look compelling too. Share the tour on social media pages as students are more likely to come across it there, given their age. Also, the tour should be easy to explore across all devices. Check out how University of Windsor is making it happen.   

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  3. Ensure an immersive experience – This basically means that students should be able to imagine themselves on your campus, in various settings, whether they are doing their own thing or interacting with others. In other words, your college virtual tour shouldn’t just be a walk through the different campus areas or facilities. Like, instead of just showing what the cafeteria or classrooms look like, cover the types of foods served or students attending a live teaching session. Highlight students having fun in the dormitories or counselors offering career guidance. This will show candidates that your institution is a living, breathing affair and can actually cater to their needs.   
  4. Use Call to Action or CTA for better engagement – University virtual tours need to incorporate powerful and specific call to actions to convert the viewer into an applicant. For example, if your tour zeroes in on the admission office at the end, include a button for application here to nudge the prospective candidate to apply online. Or, if your state and city regulations permit, you can add a link to schedule an in-person visit later on. CTAs can also encourage a student to ask more questions or connect on social media.   

To wrap up, virtual tours have become absolutely necessary for higher education institutes to reel in candidates, impress them, and establish a meaningful connection. After all, this year, high school students are checking out such tours at a 228% higher rate than in 2019. So, if you feel that you need some expert guidance to put together a unique virtual tour, just email us at

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Why Wedding Venues Need Virtual Tours to Gain a Competitive Edge

My particular upbringing has allowed me to gain a great deal of insight into the challenge that wedding venues run into when recruiting clients. Wedding venue owners work strenuously to create and market the perfect space for couples to experience the best day of their life.

I grew up in Apple River, IL, on an outdoor wedding venue called Oak Hill Weddings. My mother decided to invest in building a wedding venue from scratch, which naturally became a family business. I have watched couples come to our venue in search of their “happily ever after”, throughout my life. I have helped my mother with everything from touring to marketing – which has proven to be one of the most challenging parts of owning a small business, given our many competitors.

Every year, in the United States, around 2.5 million weddings are held. This steadfast industry is hard to disrupt – the institution of marriage continues to be respected and cherished! So, what is the secret to successful wedding venue marketing? Wedding Wire, a listing and blogging platform devoted to weddings, popped up in 2006, allowing brides to quickly evaluate potential venues. Similar platforms started to emerge soon after, such as WeddingBee, Bridal tweet, Wedding Mapper, etc. Nowadays, along with this free marketing, venue owners tend to lean on social media, Google Search, and their website, to sell their services. Although a website is essential to successfully build a business, small business owners need a competitive edge to stand out and make an impression.

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I also interviewed my mother’s managing partner, Sandra Wolfram, about the challenges that Oak Hill Weddings has faced with regard to marketing development. She stated, “Our clients come from a 2.5 hour radius, making it hard for potential clients to make the trip to Oak Hill Weddings. In-person tours have also declined tremendously, given the current societal circumstances – COVID-19. We have multiple beautiful outdoor ceremony sites, a brand-new pavilion, a barnhouse, country store, and church that are dying to be shown off.”

The solution? A virtual tour, also known as 360 degree panoramic imagery. A virtual tour offers a uniquely immersive online experience, giving potential clients the opportunity to explore the beauty of a venue, without being physically present. Business owners can embed this tour on their website, social media pages, and all Google platforms, to boost bookings as well as online traffic. Hence, a virtual tour can eliminate the stress of marketing and simultaneously improve a business’s image, sales, and brand value.

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