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Why You Need to Have a Custom Virtual Tour for Your College?

Campus tours serve a very important purpose – they allow students to actually visit the college, and experience the location, facilities, and atmosphere first-hand. Yet, travelling to campuses usually involves a lot of time and money – and most prospective applicants can only make it a select few tours. Having a virtual tour can help you solve this issue. With a college virtual tour, you can provide students with an in-depth, immersive experience that allows them to get to know your college better.

What are College Custom Virtual Tours?

College virtual tours allow colleges to showcase their entire campus through an online tour. This Google 360 tour is built with Google Street Views, the technology that powers Google Maps. Which is why the virtual tour allows users unprecedented access to the various facets of the college campus. This creates an experience that makes users feel as if they are actually present on campus.

Not only does the college virtual tour have breathtaking 360 panoramic views of the campus, but it also integrates videos, photo galleries, and a guided voice tour. For colleges that want to showcase everything they have to offer, without students having to leave the comfort of their homes, these virtual tours are a great option.

Features of a Custom Virtual Tour for College

Responsive tours

College virtual tours are designed to be responsive. This means that that they can be viewed across platforms, operating systems, and a range of devices. Whether it’s desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones— Windows, iOS, or Android— the experience remains the same.

Integrate existing marketing collateral

You can incorporate existing marketing assets — from videos to photo galleries to voice tours — into the virtual tour.

Customized approach

A good virtual tour provider will understand the specific needs of your University and tailor the tour to make sure you meet those needs. Whether it’s higher conversion rates or more website traffic, the tour can be completely aligned to your goals.

Metrics-driven approach

A good virtual tour will be designed to help you achieve business outcomes — and you will be able to use analytics tools to see how well you’re able to achieve those outcomes.

Benefits of College Virtual Tours

More organic coverage

With an immersive college virtual tour, viewers are likely to share snapshots on their social media. The result? Immediate, organic exposure among your target audience.

Attracting new-age users

Most prospective students are either late millennials or Gen-Zers. Which means a virtual tour will go a long way in establishing credibility. You can even use the virtual tour to make your orientation process much smoother.

Ownership of the content

All the panoramic photography that’s part of the tour will be owned entirely by the University. This means you get substantial marketing assets for the long run.

Help your fund-raising efforts

A virtual tour is a great way of showing alumni how their beloved alma mater has been improving. This becomes a good way of raising funds from the alumni network.

Benefits with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once you get an official Google Street View Inside Virtual Tour, you’re one step closer to a Complete Business Listing status on Google. This will help you greatly when it comes to online discovery. What’s more, all the virtual tour content is hosted in the Google database— this is another major advantage when it comes to SEO.

Colleges across the world are trying to find new and innovative ways to market themselves. In this scenario, a campus virtual tour is a solid marketing asset that can help you get ahead of the competition almost immediately.

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